Back in February, I came across a blog post made by Emily on traveling to Pompeii by train. I didn't realize really how close Pompeii is to Rome. At least for Americans three hours is nothing. Going by train would have been nice because we wouldn't have had to worry about anything; however, you can't get to Positano by train and with such a short time to spend seeing these two locations we choose to rent the car. I am glad we did! Pompeii is amazing. It is just so hard to wrap your mind around how sophisticated these people lived. While they may not have had the technology we have today nor the medical care, these people didn't live to shabby. The area is rich in food; especially fruit. While here in Italy we have had fresh fruit just about every day. My new favorite fruit are these little tiny grapes called fragolini that taste like strawberries. Not having to worry about food these people were able to have spend time in entertainment. The area is stunning. I could see myself living there. Sadly, in 79 AD the volcano erupted without warning. Pompeii was covered in about 25 feet of ash. Which made it easier for the archaeologist to dig Pompeii out. While you will see some bones, the bodies you see are actually impressions that where left by the bodies creating a mold. The scientist filled in the empty spaces with plaster. We spent 4 hours at Pompeii, but needed about another two. If you choose to visit Pompeii and choose not to do a tour, I would recommend getting a headset. We didn't get one and wished we had, so we could have had a better understanding of what we saw. Don't forget to get yourself a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice on the way out. It is amazing. Well, it has actually been two weeks now since we were there. I was ready to go home. I missed my children. I hope you have enjoyed reading about our trip to Italy. Tomorrow, I will post the hotels where we stayed and some of the things I discovered. Hope you are having a nice weekend. We are off to the pumpkin patch after German School. It is a perfect Indian summer day here in Georgia!


Emily said…
yay! i'm so glad you made it to pompeii! and mt. vesuvius?! very cool. i wish we had had time to do the mountain and also the museum in naples. darn! sounds like you had a really really great trip!

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