All I can say is thank goodness it is Friday. Wow! This week has been crazy, and I can't believe October is over in a few days. Before I know it, Christmas is going to be right around the corner. At least I have all my shopping done. Now I just need to work on the photos for the Christmas card. I still need to get a photo with all three boys together which is not such an easy task. Anyway, this week has been a week filled with contrast.

The week started off with rainy, hot, muggy weather with tornado warnings.
Now it is gorgeous, sunny, and cool.
Winston wasn't on his best behavior at the German school and I had
talked to the principal. He got a yellow card like in soccer.
However, at regular school, he was great and did
really well on some important test.
Sadly, my husband is out of town this week;
however, I enjoyed lunch with my friend Lisa and her daughter Ainsley
who I haven't seen in a year.
I sent off for new passports for the boys this week because we are going to the
The Caribbean for Christmas on a cruise; however, Harris locked the keys in the car.
I didn't know any ones phone numbers because they were on my cell phone in the car.
Thankfully, my husband hadn't turned off his phone while in his meetings, so I was able to call him and he called my mother who came to our rescue.
I really wanted to make these with the boys this week but didn't have time.
We made these instead. So tasty, and so dang cute!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Francesca said…
Your b&w and color photos well describe your week willed with contrast. I can't believe you've got all your shopping done for Christmas already!
German school? How's the German?
Btw, I am a sucker for Christmas. But I am trying to hold myself back as long as possible. I.e. I am not talking Christmas before mid November. :)
Company EIGHT said…
LOVE all your pics!!
natsumi said…
Beautiful pictures! Time has gone by so quickly! I can't believe that it's November!

Happy halloween!
Dana said…
I hope it settles down for you soon.
How lucky to be going on a cruise in the Caribbean for Christmas!

Allison said…
Wow... really impressive, ALL your Christmas shopping done?!? You really don't waste any time. I have few ideas in mind, but that's all they are right now. Our Thanksgiving trip home has me pretty occupied with packing, but shopping time is coming! (although I've never been a Black Friday shopper)

Ohhhh... yellow card, must be tough. That is great that you are raising your kids bi-lingual. I've talked to so many people who were not raised bi-ligual (despite their multi-cultural family) and they always say that they regret that their parents didn't do so. We have so much that we want to bring back with us from the States (including English books) I have started reading the few English books that I have, but I really would like more. Where did you learn German? Did you meet your husband here or over there?

We just recently got in two passports for the little guy... one German and one American. I love that he will have so much freedom one day.

Deine Fotos sind echt schön geworden. Schöne Grüße!

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