Apple Toffee Dip
1 8oz block of cream cheese
1 heaping teaspoon of sour cream
1 cup of brown sugar
1 cup of crushed toffee bits.
Combine the first three in a bowl and then add toffee bits.
Serve with sliced apples.
Last weekend after we finished picking out our pumpkins, and were in that general direction we stopped at BJ Reece Apple House to pick our own apples. The farm does not have all the glam of some of the other farms in the area but offers cheaper prices for admission. Really you can buy apples cheaper in the store, but it is the experience that you are going for when you pick your own apples. The other thing that you will get is apples that have not sat in a warehouse for who knows how long. We have already made some applesauce and this weekend when our friends come to dinner we are going to make an apple crumble. Yummy! It is kind of late in the season, so if you want to pick a certain variety to check out their website to check for dates. Next year we will do it earlier in the season.


Unknown said…
Yum! I cannot wait to try that dip!
Francesca said…
My favorite apples are "renette" from northern italy, slightly sour and greenish-yellow.
katy said…
We're going apple picking tomorrow! That dip looks too dangerous for me. I love toffee. I think if I made it I'd end up forgoing the apples and just eating the dip.
jane said…
i´m loving all the colors! and your trip looks like it was amazing. next year´s birthday in spain!
Palmer and Co said…
Oh, goodness... they are CUTE!!

Great shots!
The apples on the tree look almost unreal. Yummy!
Valerie said…
this sounds like a delicious recipe ! I'm sure going to try it ! I had another one years ago but I lost the recipe and my daughter keeps begging for a dip now that it is apple season !
Valerie said…
sorry I don't have your email.... re-your comment about laundry recipe on my blog.... (thanks !) the link is in the post when you click on "to make my laundry detergent"
it is all about finding the right quality soap otherwise it is a no-fail, promised !

& I understand the saving part --- to travel ! we are skipping CHristmas gifts this year in the hope to be able to go to Finland as a short NY break ;)

I will try this recipe with regular cream because we don't have sour cream here... but we have the Werthers caramel candies...
Melly Mel said…
how fun! i want to go apple picking!
must be a georgia thing.
you are sweet to post the recipe!

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