Western Mountain and how to tire boys out

Yesterday after renting a peddle boat on the lake we are staying on, we headed to Hot Springs to see a view things that we missed earlier this week. One was the Arlington Hotel where Al Capone once stayed. It was fun to see his old car and check out the hotel that still has many of the original features from that time period. Then we skipped the expensive tickets prices of the tower and headed to the top of Western Mountain to see the view over the city. It was gorgeous! On our way back home we stopped at an antique store to see if buy chance they might have a few things I might like. I never get a chance to go because of the children. I hit the jackpot. I can't wait to show you my finds. When your a mother of three boys you learn quickly if you want some peace and quiet you make sure they are plenty tired, and get out their energy. We stopped at Gulpa Gorge which is kind of mis-leading because the gorge is really a stream. They had a great time playing and splashing around in it. Today, I took the boys to a local park and then back to Lake Balboa where Roman found himself a 2 1/2 year old Austrian girlfriend named Tia. She was so cute holding his hand and playing in the sand with him. He talked about it for 2 hours after we got home. We head home in the morning. It has been a fun week.


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