Room 306 where Dr. Martin Luther King was shot
Elvis, The Orpheum, and Beale Street
The Peabody Hotel
Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed on April 4th, 1968. Today will mark the 42 anniversary of his death. He was killed as he was leaving his hotel room 306 at the Lorraine. Today the hotel is a not only a memorial, but is a Civil Rights museum. Visiting the sight was a great teaching moment with my children. You can't visit Memphis without visiting Beale Street. Here you will find restaurants and great Jazz clubs. We ate at the Pig restaurant. I had seen this restaurant on the Today show, but it did not live up to it's reputation. The food was mediocre BBQ and the restaurant was dirty. The it was off to Sun Studio record studio where Elvis recorded his first record along with other record legends like Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash. You can't miss the Peabody Hotel. Now famous for it's life ducks that they march in each day at 11am and march out at 5pm the hotel is a treasure. The inside architecture is gorgeous!


Kelly said…
Looks like fun. Memphis is a neat town, for sure.
Company EIGHT said…
I love seeing places through your eyes! What a great trip!
Joyce said…
Thanks for sharing. Looks beautiful.xo
Heather said…
I grew up in Memphis. My senior prom was at the Orpheum. I met Adam Ant at the Peabody. (In the lobby, not a room - it wasn't THAT kind of meeeting!) And I remember when Elvis was alive - every time we had out of town company, we ended up standing at the gates of Graceland all night in the hopes of seeing the King - we never did though. Thanks for the sentimental journey!

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