The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Traveling

view of Hot Springs from Western Mountain

The Good thing about traveling is that I am very blessed with the opportunity to show my children different places around the world. It has become their second classroom and sometimes I think they learn more in a day of traveling then a whole week in the classroom. The bad thing about traveling is that it is not always a Hallmark movie where everyone one is happy and it looks like a fairytale. Yesterday, the navigator took us through just about every small town between Mississippi and Georgia to get us home making our trip much longer than we had expected. Why it did this we haven't figured out, so if you know please tell me, so the next trip it won't happen. The ugly is that my littlest one had a blow out in his pants leaving poop just about every where. I would do it all over again though because I love traveling!


Misty said…
You really are a great momma. Thanks for your comments!
:) I truly don't miss the "blow outs!"

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing.
Melly Mel said…
Yes, that is so true.
i like that you said traveling is like their second classroom.
Emily said…
so true! looking back in my mind and at pictures, our trips ALWAYS seem much more idyllic than they were.

the calanques would definitely be ideal for everyone, really. so, so beautiful. wish we could have spent more time by the ocean instead of just one day.

a chance to be in france for a summer would be wonderful! hope that happens for you!
;) said…
I think ugly and bad are an entire part of traveil... and a king of good one, because it's like life... that's not like in a Walt Disney place.

But... that's an idea... after the trip ! Because, I don't like bad surprises during my traveling days ;)!
Unknown said…
Yes, thank you for sharing the good, bad and ugly. You have to LOVE traveling or else it just doesn't seem worth it. I love how you said it's like a classroom - I'm sure it's much better than a classroom! What a wonderful experience, despite the poo.

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