Lake Ouachita and Garvan Gardens

After we ate breakfast yesterday, we headed to Lake Ouachita to rent a boat, but what we didn't expect was the bitter winds that were blowing across the lake. It was time to come up with a new plan. I had seen a commercial for a Botanical Gardens called Garvan that is owned by the University of Arkansas. It was advertising a tulip festival. While the gardens are simple they are stunning. Gorgeous for a matter of fact, and well worth the admission price. The boys had fun feeding the Koi fish and playing in the caves behind the waterfalls in the children's garden. An even bigger surprise is the Anthony Chapel. Constructed simply of crisscrossing beams and glass the chapel is one of the prettiest churches I have ever seen. I have to say I was a little apprehensive about coming to Arkansas for a vacation, but we have not been without something to do. On our way home we stopped at La Hacienda for dinner. What a fun restaurant! The inside is decorated with bright colors. The service is fantastic, and the food was a hit to our hungry tummies after walking all day.


jane said…
wow! looks like you are having a great trip!
Unknown said…
I love Arkansas, isn't it so pretty!? I'm jealous, I have lots of family in Arkansas, but in NW AR. My aunt was married in a church VERY similar in architecture to that church/building that your boys are standing in.
tanĂ¯a said…
You are right, this is gorgeous, too! I love that kind of reduced wooden architecture, especially when it is so well integrated in nature! Both modern and archaic! Thanks for this link.

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