Spring Fashion

I don't know about you, but I don't look very good in shorts. My nice smooth legs of my teens have been replaced with a slightly larger version with lumps. However, I love skirts. They offer femininity, sophistication, coverage of not so pretty areas, and yet the same light weight material that a short would offer. I like Capri pants, but I look terrible in them . They end up chopping up my silhouette. If you are anything like me, you might tend to spend all your money on your children. I also want to have some money left over for my actual vacations. While I would love a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes they just aren't in my budget;however, at the same time I don't want something that is going to fall apart after a few wears. My new favorite company is Lands End. You can buy their clothes either from the catalog or from your local Sears. They have totally revamped their clothing line making it younger and modern while holding onto the classic styles that will last more than just one season. While maybe not as cheap as Old Navy or H&M the clothes are durable. Check out their new Canvas collection. They also have a collection called Signature. Starting at the top going left to right-a)Halogen pencil denim skirt. I love this it is so cozy. b) Anne Taylor Loft c) Anne Taylor Loft. d)Boden e) Lands End f) Lands End.


A.Smith said…
I have loved Lands End for their slacks and their shirts forever. Some of my favorite summer shirts, almost always white, some times with dressing stripes I had for years, they always fit and feel good, easy to wear and as you said, they last.

My favorite designer is Lilith and once in a while I treat myself to a whimsical piece from her collection. Her clothes are beautifully made and they last and they always made me smile when I wear them. Thank you for stopping by today and I do hope to feel better soon. This is a very nasty cold with fever and the works. I am staying in bed without a gram of guilt so you must know how bad it must be ;-)
Anonymous said…
i am the opposite! i love shorts, and don't like skirts (for me!) i'll have to check out the Land's End stuff!
Jenna said…
Yay for such a fun post. I love the picture where you have all the spring ideas. That necklace is beautiful.

Have you been to my friend's blog, Reachel, http://www.cardiganempire.com/ ? You will love it!

BTW - I love your new header - so cute!
jane said…
who knew? i´ll check them out. every year i say i´m going to dress more girly... i think this might just be the year;) happy weekend dear!

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