Karate Tournament

Last weekend the boys performed in their first Karate Tournament. I was surprised that it was nothing like Karate Kid the movie. The coach explained that in his day it was, but the sport has evolved since then and is more about form and technique than about beating your opponent. I guess their are some avenues for that type of Karate if you want, but this is the most common form of competition. Both boys came home with silver metals with scores ranging in the 6/7 range. I guess 10's are pretty hard to come by. Harris was sad that he didn't get a Gold metal and Winston was pleased with his Silver telling Harris that it is more about having fun than getting a metal.
Harris and Winston listening to instruction
Harris showing basic form and technique
Winston showing form and technique
Harris sparring
Winston sparring
The team with Coach Mike


Nadja said…
the boys look great!!!
Bonnie said…
wow that looks cool! my boys would love to do karate!! send me your email so we can chat about cubscouts!
Emily said…
I used to do karate when I was little and it was so much fun! I'm glad your kids like it!

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