1 $75 visit to the ER
5 visits to the doctor
5 rounds of antibiotics
Good Health=Priceless
Today, I finally scummed to going to the doctors because I have had the same crud as the rest of the family. While it turned out I didn't have a strep throat I have a sinus infection. You never really appreciate good health until you feel miserable. It is snowing lightly outside and I am hoping it will stick. I want to sleep in tomorrow.


Gina Johnson said…
Hi, I found your blog on Tongue and Cheek, just love her. I have been reading your blog and enjoying it and wanted to let you know. I too, had a sinus and ear infection about a week ago. I finally gave in and went to the doctor and am thankful to feel better. So easy to care for our families but not so easy to care for ourselves. Happy Blogging.
Elizabeth said…
I hope that you're feeling better soon! I hear it's incredibly cold down there, so that certainly can't be helping!

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