The 39 Clues

The 39 Clues book series are the hottest books out there and they are not just for children. While my 10 year old loves them, I have just as equally enjoyed reading these books or even more. My 7 year is also reading them, but right now he is more into the Captain Underpants series so I think it might be a while before he catches up. I have read all six books in the series and can't wait for #7 to come out in 2 weeks. What are these books about? Well, they are a combination of National Treasure, The Amazing Race, and The Mole all wrapped up in one. If you enjoyed reading the Da Vinci Code you might enjoy reading these books. The story begins with two children Amy and Dan whose grandmother has died. The are requested to attend the reading of her Will. There the relatives are given an option of taking a million dollars and walking away or take the challenge to hunt for 39 clues that will lead the winner to power and riches. The stories take you all over the globe starting out in Boston then leading you to France, Austria, Italy, Russia, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Australia, and Jakarta. I have learned things about Ben Franklin, Mozart, Opal Mining. Chemistry and Math. The books even have a good dose of pop culture in them. These books are an exciting read!!! Once you pick up one you will want to continue on the hunt for the rest of the clues.


Guusje said…
Hi there!
Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my little wall-art trade post! I would love to have your photograph hanging on the wall. My email address is , I'll visit my parents, they have a beautiful printer.

Thank you so much!
Big kiss, Guusje

PS. Will you email you address with it? x
Emily said…
will add these to our book list. sounds like something my son will like in a few years!

i JUST realized you all spent some time in switzerland not too long ago. too bad we didn't "know" each other earlier! :)
Love these*O*V*E* these books!
Dana said…
Almost finished the first one. . . .thanks for the tip. I'll review it on my blog in my YA series as well. Okay to link to you?

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