In the words of Harris, "Just call me metal mouth." Yesterday, Harris got his braces on. He was so excited! He has been waiting for this day for a long time. Unfortunately, he needed them because when he was 17 months he broke his two front teeth by climbing on top of the toilet and falling. They tried to save them, but in the end they needed to be pulled. Without anything to guide his teeth the teeth came in crazy directions. He had some plastic like things attached to the braces, but I am not exactly sure what they are or for. I guess I better ask next time we go. Anyway, he choose the colors of the German flag. He has also had an expander placed in his mouth which every night you have to turn with a little key. Poor kid woke up this morning with his teeth hurting. He couldn't eat his cereal, but managed to eat a yogurt and applesauce.


Company EIGHT said…
What a cutie!!! How long does he have to wear them for?

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