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The days have been very very grey and very very cold. I have been in kind of a funk the last couple of weeks. Recovering from being sick, trying to potty train an almost 3 year old, and I started a diet after realizing I was beyond just curvy. I guess that is why I am looking forward to the next holiday-Valentines! Well the good news is that I am no longer sick! I have lost 3 pounds since last Thursday!!!! However, the potty training isn't going so well. He just doesn't want to go. He knows how, but will not go. Today I thought I would buy him some big boy underwear. We came home from the store. He put them on and within two minutes he pooped in them. Ugh! He also doesn't seemed to be motivated by candy or a sticker.


Dana said…
Oh My!
Sending you the best of luck on all fronts!
Joyce said…
Oh dear. I wish I had the answer for you. What if he gets a little cheerleading from his big brothers? I'm sure most of us have or was the big sister/brother and know how our younger siblings wanted to be like the older one. Just a tiny thought from someone wo children. However I can send you cyber hugs my friend. xo

Oops almost forgot all my best on your new eating adventures and glad you are feelingn better.
Francesca said…
How about waiting until the summer for potty training? Your diet seems to work really well, good luck!
;) said…
Not really a suggestion, but, as Francesca wrote, wait for the sun !!!

Have a nice day !

And, how we say in France : Bon courage !
Anonymous said…
Just don't go back to diapers - ever, and don't worry about the messes - they won't last long. Don't comment too much. At this point he knows what to do and will when he decides to.
Palmer and Co said…
Oh, we're in the same spot with poop and pee. Roxy has officially pooped twice in the toilet. Isn't it amazing how exciting this stuff is!? She is VERY particular about when she wants to sit on the toilet. I's so ready to stop buying pull-ups. They are so dang expensive! If you get any good tips send them my way!

Best of luck with all the rest!
Company EIGHT said…
YAY on 3 pounds!

As far as potty training goes, you have my sympathy. :) One of my friends had her child pick a bigger toy out at the store, something they really wanted. She put it up high where they couldn't get to it, but there they could see it. When they achieved whatever goal was set, they got the big prize. It's hard, because every child is so different, you never know what's going to work! good luck!!
jane said…
i agree with kim. hang in there!
Crescent Moon said…
Been there, done that. I was honestly afraid that my son would start kindergarten without being fully potty trained. Luckily that didn't happen. It just takes time and patience.
The girls were much easier to potty train.
I potty trained twins some time ago. M&Ms did the trick for one of them....the other one just needed time, lots and lots of it :-)
Good luck!
shayndel said…
Such a forward looking and happy picture!
Good luck, I remember with all some of the stages to 'pass thru' like weaning, potty training, that the thing that worked best with my daughter was realizing she'd do it when the time was right and eventually she did!!!
all the best,
Is that a Scrabble game I see? Oh, yes. Great fun.

Re potty training, it was hard for both my children but persevarance usually triumphs. Poop today, gone tomorrow. :-)

Greetings from a very cold, snowy and now rainy London.
Kari said…
good to hear you are well and wow you lost 3 pounds!! good on ya.
I don't look forward to potty training but I tend to think they'll come around when they are ready.
Don't stress, it will happen.
Cate said…
ohhh. i am about to have to potty train my son who is 2 1/2. well, how about one of those potty weekends? that's where you make the whole weekend about the potty training. you ritually throw out the diapers and break out the big boy underpants and never look back. the whole idea is to stay near the potty, to not say a word about the messes, just keep things positive but definite that the potty is where he will go.

my daughter WANTED to go potty and was trained early. my son, of course, is not so into being a big kid. lots of patience and lots of changing the poop/pee pants.

sending hugs. he'll do it.
Jodi said…
Congrats on the 3lbs and the health. Oh my... Good luck with the boy. So stubborn sometimes. Other times just not the right timing. Happy New Year!!!
Anonymous said…
wait and see !!! Have a great day ; )
Traveling Mama said…
ooh! I'm glad you are feeling better and congrats on the weight loss! We need to get together soon! It's been so crazy since we got back, but maybe the week after next (I'll be traveling) we can meet up?
Cherry B said…
Glad you're feeling better and best of luck with the diet! I've only ever done SugarBusters and it worked like a charm (my mom was religious about it and lost 25, my dad cheated with every meal and still lost about 5!)

My dad was always big on the fear appeal when giving us a challenge. "You don't want to be the ONLY kid still wearing diapers/using the bathroom in your pants, do you?!" Good luck!
malo said…
The only thing I can say is what my mother in law told me. "He won't be wearing diapers when he's in school" And that was true. Good luck.
Dorte said…
Like most here ...wait and see and anyhow it is much easier to train them when it is summer!

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