Blank Pages

There is something about the blank pages of a calendar that I just love. I am not sure if it is that I am a planner and I just love writing stuff down or that the pages are open for so many good things to happen. Maybe it is a little of both. Anyways, the last couple of days I have been busy organizing my life. Somehow the stuff in my life started piling up around me and I was feeling overwhelmed. I also come from the philosophy that less is more, or at least when it comes to owning stuff. The stuff begins to own you! When you have to move it from one place to another, maintain it, or clean it then that might be a sign that you have too much stuff in your life. It steals your time away from which you can't get back. Windex has been my friend for the last couple of days and I have made good progress. Except for a few drawers everything is back in its place, junk has been thrown away or recycled, and all is good with the world. I have also turned off the TV the last couple of weeks and gotten back to what I love reading. I can't wait to tell you about some of the books I have been reading. So here is to a new year with blank pages of wonderful things to be written on them. Cheers!


Kari said…
Happy New Year to you too.
I love blank pages too and the opportunity to start a new.
Dana said…
Oh how I envy you!
I'm getting there, but have a few weeks to go, I'm sure.
Buon Anno!
Isabelle said…
love your post ... you are such a great writer !!
Happy new Year to you and your family !!!
Palmer and Co said…
Sounds like you are off to a wonderful start! Love your perspective.

Happy 20ten!
Kasia said…
I also recently realised that we own to much stuff. Like you, I'm trying to re-organize my life and our surronding according to the rule "the less is more". I have also gotten back to writing my journal; the smell of empty pages fills me with hope for good things that may happen in this new year.

Thank you for your nice comment and birthday wishes for my baby girl :)

Happy New Year,
;) said…
I think I like blank pages... ans surprises ;)

I wish you a happy and creative year... full of joy...
Unknown said…
I still don't have my agenda for this year yet! I went into Bookbinders in Zurich and they wanted 58 Sfr for a tiny paper one. Ridiculous! So I'll just print off my google calendar and put it on the fridge like Miss Jenna for now.

I love blank pages, so many possibilities! Then I love when there is an occasional trip WAY out in the distance to look forward to. I love putting a line through the days we'll be vacationing. Where to this year?

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