January in Review

It's snowing
It actually did snow this month. Enough to close school for the day, but not enough to build a snowman. Roman and I made our own snow by making this polar bear snow globe. When we finished it he shook it up and exclaimed, "Wee! It's snowing!" The month has gone by quickly. The boys both recieved trophies at Chess club. Winston for being the 2nd grade blitz champion and Harris for being the 5th grade class champion. Harris gave a report on Charles Lindberg and boy did he look cute in his aviator hat and goggles. Roman has discovered the computer and is actually pretty good at navigating his way around, but I think I will still try to keep him off it as much as possible. Roman has been saying a lot what's that or Where is papa and down the list of family members. Frank is almost better! Pneumonia can really knock you out. As for me, I lost 10 pounds this month. I am looking forward to Orlando next month with my cousins and our spring break trip to the mountains in Arkansas.


What a cute globe. How did you make it?

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