Trek 2017

Still working on getting my Germany photos uploaded; hopefully, by the end of the weekend and before we leave for 12 days to Italy.  In the meantime I will share with you another adventure Winston got to have just after we left for Germany. Every 4 years, my church participates in an activity called Trek. My son Harris participated 4 years ago and had a blast. Trek's purpose is to teach the youth about the early pioneers and all the sacrifices that they went through during that time period. They really can't teach them all the lessons to be had during that time period, but they get to sleep outside, pull hand carts, eat food cooked over a campfire. The fun part is that they do this all dressed up in pioneer clothes. There is no cells phone. They assign the kids families and for 3 days they work together as a team while walking 26 miles.  Winston had a blast!  I am pretty sure he came home and took a long nap too.

                                               photo credit to David Winter


NatureFootstep said…
a lot of people joining in. Seems like an interesting event.
Jeanna said…
The outdoors and outfits make for some wonderful photos. I especially like the one pulling the handcart and the last one reading the letter.
What a great experience and wonderful photos. Love the colours in the food photo. Have a safe trip!


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