Dance Dance Dance

This past winter I signed both Addy and Avery up for ballet and tap dance lessons.  This past weekend they had their first recital.  They did such an amazing job.  I thought they would be scared dancing on a big stage and in front of 200 plus people.  Nope!  They were pros!  The dance company did such a fantastic job in putting on such a fabulous production.  It was called Ooh La La and was focused on old Hollywood.  The girls performed in two acts of the 1 1/2 hour production.  We will be continuing with dance in the fall.


bravo bravo, oh my goodness how sweet they are.
Buckeroomama said…
Little cutie patooties!!
Dina Lettre said…
Precious smiles!
Indira said…
Absolutely adorable! Congrats.
it is great to sift through your images and words for a while, this morning, and contemplate the years we've been running into one another, and the years we will propably still do. knowing one another, yet not. but always a little curious and then saying hi. so, hi! hello, everyone. i'm glad to see all is going well and the girls are growing!! like we all are sort of growing, and changing...
i remember you saying you would be living in germany for, like six months, was it? when will that be and whereabouts will you be?

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