A Weekend in August

This weekend was exceptionally busy.  Friday night started off with driving Harris back and forth t.)o the high school for the football game where he worked the concessions to raise money for the FBLA club.  Then I spent two hours making panda cupcake for the picnic we were going to the next day with other families who have adopted.  Stupid Pinterest as it always makes everything look to easy. It was difficult, but really time consuming. The children thought they were cool! Then I made a quinoa curry salad (more on that later).

Saturday morning it was pourning down rain and all I could do was pray that later that day the weather would be good enough to go to the park for our picnic; however, before that we meet our friend Lucy and her two sons and went to Catch Air.  The girls had so much fun!  Then it was time for our picnic.  The clouds had cleared away and in rolled the heat. It was very muggy outside.  We had so much fun at the picnic.  Then we had to run over to Suzi's house for the baby shower of
Emily.  The girls behaved so well!  The food was delcious as they always are at these kind of
Off to bed it was for all of us when we got home.  We were beat!

Joshua, Avery, Owen, Sam, Addy, and Leah Grace

Sunday morning we all woke up late!  It was a mad dash to get in the car and get to church on time.  We made it though!  Just in enough time to hear our friends son speak.  He just recently returned home from his mission.  Then the Goulding girls and the McDonalds daughters sang this beautiful song.  Their wasn't a dry eye in the church.

After church, we had a simple lunch while I made a dinner for a family in our congregation had a baby on Thursday morning.  It truly was a wonderful weekend!  What did you do?


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