Round 2 Broken Arm

As promised, here is a photo of Roman with his broken arm.  This makes the 2nd broken arm.  He broke his arm three years ago when he was 4 wrestling with his older brother Harris.  This time he was wrestling with Winston.  When is he going to learn that he is no match for his older brothers. It is OK Roman because I broke my arm 2 times too!  I was 5 when I broke my arm.  The first was when I was running over to the neighbors house and I tripped over their flower pot.  The second was just a week after I got my cast off and was in the same neighbors yard. I was trying to roller skate. I fell on the driveway and broke it again. Roman broke both bones closer up by his elbow this time.  The first time was closer to his wrist.  He has to wear the cast for at least three more weeks.  When we went to the doctor on Friday, the bones in his arm has shifted by 16 degrees and they had to reset his arm.  Poor kid!  He is so sad.  He can't really play and he can't go swimming.  


Francesca said…
poor kid - not being able to go swimming in the summer must be hard!

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