Snow, Skiing, and Friends

Snow, skiing, and friends make for a perfect recipe for a day of fun,  Harris with his seminary class skiing on Monday to North Carolina.  He has so much fun!

What is seminary?  Seminary is a church program that teaches the scriptures to the youth of our church each morning before school.  Yep, you heard right!  Each day he is at the church building at 6:50 to study the scriptures.  While he isn't the easiest to get up!  He always gets up and go!  So grateful for this program!


What a fun bonding outing! Have a wonderful weekend!
Shauna said…
Looks so fun. My oldest son cannot wait for seminary. Take care,

Shauna xo
tinajo said…
What a great looking bunch! :-)
Shay Ankerich said…
So wonderful!!! Scripture written on hearts is priceless!!! Xo

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