I can't believe it has been almost 2 weeks since we arrived home from China!   I can't even begin to explain the joy I felt after 15 months of paper work and preparation and almost 3 weeks in China to be finally home with our new daughter.  The airplane ride went pretty well despite Avery and I being pretty sick.  18 hours is a long time to be on a plane.  We flew from Hong Kong to Tokyo and Tokyo to Atlanta.  She only fussed for about 30 or so minutes when she was so exhausted and couldn't relax enough to sleep. Poor thing was used to sleeping in a crib her whole life and never having anyone to hold her that falling asleep while someone was holding her was difficult.  Thankfully, Lucy came to my rescue as I was so sick and my back was killing.  She was able to get Avery to sleep.  Going through immigration was super simple and we were out the door pretty fast to all our family who was waiting on the other side of the doors.  Addy surprised me the most!  I thought she would start crying when she saw another baby in my arms, but she came right up to us and with a big smile on her face said, "My sister."  Lucy's husband and children were there along with my new friends Amanda, her husband Patrick, and their daughter Morgan.    It was good to be home!  Oma made a great meal that I was unfortunately unable to eat, but it was still nice that she went through so much effort.


Jen said…
Welcome Home!! What a beautiful little girlie :)
Francesca said…
very nice of Oma to take care of your family while you were away! and it looks like she's a good photographer too (did she take these pics?).
happy weekend!
dawn said…
There truly is no place like home. The journey is amazing but home is the best. So so sorry you were so sick. urgghh. How horrid.
Shauna said…
So happy for you all. And even happier for Addy's response. Thinking of you lots,
Shauna xoxo
Dennille Smith said…
Welcome home! I have enjoyed every moment of your journey! :)
Kelly said…
YOu look great. Congratulations on everything. Absolutely perfect.
Cate said…
: ))))
Congratulations! What wonderful news… I have been totally out of the blog world for a bit and almost missed this new chapter of your life. So sweet!
What a journey! So happy for you and your family and Avery to have such a wonderful loving family! Truly blessed!
Do Manh said…
What a beautiful snaps! With two cute babies. Really u looks so pretty in this photo. I am so happy that you have very loving family. Thanks for sharing your journey experiences.
welcome back, home.
you look radiant, kelleyn.
Addy is the best! Happy homecoming, guys!!! xx

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