My little Valentine

Boo Hoo!  My Hubby is out of town today!
 I guess this little cutie will have to be my Valentine!
The best Valentine of all came today in the mail-
my birth certificate from the state attorney in California.
Tomorrow I will fed-ex it to Chinese Consulate in L.A.
This means our dossier will be complete by the end of next week.
Happy Valentine's Day!


Danelle M said…
What a cutie! Happy Valentine's Day!
What a blessing for the certificate to arrive on Valentine's Day! It is meant to be! Praying that all will be swift with your adoption.
Francesca said…
glad you got your certificate - though I am relieved to learn that this isn't the only country where bureaucratic paperwork can take an unreasonable amount of time!
Happy day!
natsumi said…
She is so cute! Happy Valentine's day!
dawn said…
Cutest valentines EVER!
yeah for the birth certificate and things moving along.
Stephanie said…
Cutest valentine ever! Hope you guys had a great day together!
Met Mum said…
Is that your baby girl? I can't believe it! Where has the time gone???

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