Europa Park

 Silver Star Could have done without this roller coaster.
I felt sick afterwards, but the boys had a great time.

 street performer
 Roman, myself, and Harris on the tea cups
 Frank and Addy on the jungle boat ride

 We went on the tea cups a couple of times
 Go Germany!
 Roman riding the Red Barron
 Spidey oh no I mean Roman
 Entrance to Europa Park
The gang

 Roman and Winston sitting on a Harley for charity
The money collected is used for heart operations for children
in countries that can't afford them.

 Seriously, I am having way to much fun!
 Frank sees us
 Wodan the coolest roller coaster, but the wait was really long

Europa Park was seriously worth the visit.  I actually liked it better than Disneyland, and the reason being it is a lot cheaper and except for the roller coasters the wait time to get on rides was almost
non-existent.  I had heard about Europa Park from friends, but was a little worried that it might be outdated and not as good as Disney.  I mean it does have it's knock off mouse, but that is about the only similarity.  The park is perfect for both adults and children as it has rides for everyone.  Everyone was happy.  My older boys have  outgrown Disney.  Not enough action in terms of roller coasters.  This park did not disappoint.  While Silver Star was a little too much for  me, I liked riding the Bob Bahn coaster and Wodan which is a wooden roller coaster and the newest addition the park.  The only bad thing was is that one day was not enough.  We needed at least two days.  The boys would love to go back and either stay in a hotel or in their camp park resort where you can either sleep in a chuck wagon, a cabin, or a tee pee.  I know most people don't bring their children to Europe, but I would highly recommend if they do to break up their visits of monuments and museums with a visit to the amusement park.  Well, it has been a long day!  I am tired but happy.  Hope you have a great Sunday!


LindyLouMac said…
It certainly looks like you all had a fun time.
Pamela said…
I love the roller coasters but with neck problems they are beginning to cause more problems than a short ride is worth. I'm so happy you've had such a fun time. The picture on the teacups is so special. Love that spiderman face!
Unknown said…
Looks fun! Except for the roller coasters. ;)
Francesca said…
You'd never get me to go on a roller coaster - I feel sick just looking at them!

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