The Weekend

It has been a quiet weekend.

The boys went back to German School this morning after being off
the last 3 weeks for Christmas break.
Next weekend they will take their ATG test which is a test that measures their proficiency.

I am feeling kind of blah and uninspired.  I don't know why.
We have had beautiful weather the last couple of days-65 degrees.
I went to the gym the last two mornings.

We made Carmel popcorn today.
It is super easy to make
Pop 3 quarts of popcorn
lay popcorn out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper
in a sauce pan mix 1/2 cups of butter with 1 cup of brown sugar and
1/2 cup of corn syrup and 1/2 teaspoon salt
bring to a boil and stir for 5 minutes.
add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and stir.
Then drizzle Carmel over popcorn until popcorn is coated.

The boys watched Harry Potter 7 part 2 in German.

I am reading Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children.
Kind of a strange book.
Have you read it?
What do you think?

I am in love the the TV show Pan Am
Have you seen it?

I also watched the other night back to back all 7 episodes of Downton Abby.
Love it!
Have you seen it!
Season 2 starts on Sunday on PBS.

Other movies I have watched
Sarah's Key on DVD
based on the book.  Very good!  Sad!
Also, a movie called Arranged.
So interesting to learn how woman in other cultures view getting married
and how they come to terms with their religions in a modern world.

Hope you are having a Great Weekend!


Sounds like a perfect weekend. Caramel popcorn sounds amazing gonna have to try it! Have a wonderful Sunday!
Andi said…
Love caramel popcorn, but haven't made it for years. Probably because I would eat the entire thing myself. Miss Peregrine... interesting, weird book. But, I liked it in a interesting, weird sort of way? :)
Emily said…
Sorry you're feeling uninspired, but it sounds like a good time to curl up on the sofa with a good movie and a batch of caramel popcorn.

*Arranged* sounds really interesting! I'll have to watch it!
Em S said…
I've been wanted caramel I just may have to make some! I've heard of the show Downtown Abby but I haven't seen it.
momto8 said…
carmel popcorn is a family favorite! Yum! I gave up TV yrs ago..freed up so much of my time I never looked back!
Allison said…
Oh, I sooo miss carmel corn and popcorn in general. Since the hubby doesn't like microwaves, we do it the old fashioned way, and it's such a mess that we don't do it that often.

Tja, I feel so out of touch anymore with what is popular in the States anymore... I haven't heard of any of these. I'm sure your husband feels totally disconnected sometimes to what is going on in Germany.
tinajo said…
Hope you´ll feel less blah soon - maybe the spring feelins sets in soon?!

Look at that happy face - and no wonder with all that popcorn! :-)

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