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I haven't been around much lately.  Actually, I have been around, but not on my computer.  Boy, has having another child rocked my world.  I can't say I have transitioned very gracefully.  I look like a mess most of the time.  It is like I am a teenager again because my face has broken out.  What's with that!  I am freaken 40 years old and never really had a problem with acne.  Yuck!  Sweats are my friend.  The biggest change more than the baby is our new school district.  The schools my son is now attending is really tough.  He has one teacher who has forgotten that these are middle school children.  I am sure he will learn a ton from having her, but the poor kid isn't getting to bed some nights until midnight.  I am in a pickle because I don't know if I should say something to her because I don't know if she realizes how much homework she is giving.  Any how, I was cleaning out my 12 year old sons backpack and found a booklet that they had given in health on drug awareness.  One the first page they had them fill out goals for the future.  Here are his answers.
I want drums or guitar
try out
join...robotics club, science club and math club
participate in basketball and lacrosse
other... I want to start earning money by walking dogs and shovel snow.
By the time I leave high school, I'd like to
learn and play lacrosse
visit.... Paris, France, and Rome, Italy.
get a part-time job.... working at Game stop.
buy a... flat screen TV
have a good relationship with friends and family.
other...get a scholarship for M.I.T.
It was so fun reading his answers.  Some of the answers are funny, but what makes me really happy is that he has the confidence to believe that all of these goals are achievable.


Hang in there Kelleyn. We too, found that middle school and high school are much tougher than elementary school. Its been a big transition for our family too. Not to worry, your son will find his "groove" and I'm sure will do well. [That goes for your too, with the new baby.. you'll soon find your "groove."] ;)
Love his answers and I think that is way too much daughter has a ton too but that is HS.
Danelle said…
Isn't it nice to discover that our kids really are turning out wonderfullly? I did chuckle because I think it's a goal of every young boy to work at Game Stop at some point in his life. :)
Francesca said…
Every mother of a newborn looks like a mess (unless she has plenty of help - hired or not) whatever the age. Your skin is probably just telling you that you're too tired.
Emily M. said…
oh, babies! they have a knack of turning your world upside down, don't they? no matter how many times you've done it! and i hear you on the acne and the injustice of it all. getting older AND having acne? it's just cruel--and something i've also been battling. have you heard of paula's choice products? she's based in seattle, and her skin care regimen is backed by very good scientific research. check it out:

it's been working pretty well for me.

hang in there!!!
Emily said…
What a great kid! I love all his answers! I hope you guys get some rest soon. Going to bed at midnight sounds like way too much for a middle school child.

As for you, hang in there. I hope she starts sleeping more soon.

I'm thinking of you!
Theresa said…
It will get easier with 3 kids, trust me.
Arctic Mum said…
Sweats are...very satisfying, however in a short term. But we know that. I recently had an urgent need of candy, and drove late at night to the shop and bought so much I had nothing left to buy the homeless magazine I guy sold outside the store. And he looked so sad, and I felt awful. Having spent it on..crisps and chocolate.
kari said…
it get's easier, I'm sure you'll have your baby's schedule worked out soon.
your son sounds like a great kid and those are some great goals. the sky is the limit - good on him!
take care of yourself.
Your son is wonderful! I like his answers.. I enjoyed reading them.
miss kelleyn, hang in there! boy, do i understand the notion of babies rocking your world, and how it completely changes your life. Your kids are resilient--they're learning from this experience too, and you are a great mom. Enjoy those snuggly moments with your baby, no matter the acne or the sweats, because the time will come far too soon when you're back to "normal", but that elusive baby stage will be gone.

Love you!


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