Biking with the Guys!

Free time is a precious commodity around our house.  It is even more precious for Frank who has for the last 15 years worked 6 days a week.  I am lucky in that generally when my husband has free time he spends it with his family.  He watches movies with the boys, goes for bike rides, and plays chess with them.  Frank not only craves physical activity he needs it.  It is hard to keep him in the house, but who would blame him when his work requires him to sit at a desk.  While he has always enjoyed running and swimming just recently he has discovered biking.  Two weeks ago, he went with a group of guys from church on a 16-mile bike ride in northern Georgia on a trail called Bull Mountain.   16 miles doesn't seem much when it is on the street, but I guess it is a whole different story when you are mountain biking.  He had a great time!  Afterward, the guys went to Five Guys for Burgers and Fries.  Not very healthy, but I guess one of the guys had one of those bands that measure the number of calories burned on their ride and it said they had burnt up to 4,000 calories.  I guess they earned their lunches.


Joyce said…
This is a nice way to spend some free time and to hang with the guys. Burnt 4,000 calories double cool. xo

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