Atlanta Silverbacks

                                                               Can you see me in the picture? 
                                                            I am in the reflection of the glasses.

                                                                            Perez #14
Yesterday after picking up Frank from the airport, we took Harris to Fritti one of our favorite Italian pizza places here in town, and then went to see the Atlanta Silverbacks.  It was a first for all three of us since none of us had been to a soccer game here in the states.  Despite it being so hot it actually wasn't too bad.  As soon as the sun set, a nice breeze blew in cooling us all off.  In the end, our team won their first game of the season 2-1 against Montreal.  Go Silverbacks!  After the game, Harris was able to go down to the field to get autographs and shake the hands of the players.  It turns out one of the players if from Switzerland.  This morning, Harris said to me, "Mom thanks so much for taking me to the soccer game.  I had so much fun!"


What a fun day! I have never been to a soccer game, and would love to.

What a cute boy--and a grateful one!
those days are just great ;)

i wish you a lovely weekend,d ani
cate said…
how sweet that harris took the time to thank you the day after the game! hmm, i never knew there was a team in georgia! bet you'll be going again soon.

how's the bump?
tinajo said…
How fun - and I love how colorful it is! :-)
Looks fun! I have never been to a soccer game either... so I would like to do someday...
Joyce said…
A beautiful and fun day! xo
Danelle said…
Great way to spend a summer evening!
Lisa said…
You know you had a good time when you get a thank you the next morning. Beautiful pictures!
Tamar SB said…
Love the reflection in the first picture! I love soccer games, super fun!
jane said…
Sounds like the perfect plan! Italian food and men in shorts... Does it get much better? ;)

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