The Mile High City!

The Mile High City has sure come a long way from the stage coach and saloon days. Today it is a completely modern city with eye candy around every corner. Seriously, I was surprised with how much there is to see and do. The city has a very similar feel to Seattle minus the ocean. We totally enjoyed driving through the historic home and park district. You definitely want to make it to the Denver Art Museum. It is worth the 13 dollars entrance fee. You really get a trip around the world when you go to this museum. My favorite collection was the Western American Art which is kind of surprising since I have never been a big cowboy fan. Unfortunately, I was only there for a weekend so I didn't have time to go the Molly Brown Museum, but I have it on my list for too see next time. One can sure work up an appetite in Denver and boy did we girls eat. My favorite was Little India. The food was fantastic and the atmosphere was quaint. Don't forget to get desert at the Little Man Ice Cream Shop which is definitely not little in flavor. I loved the Mexican Chocolate and Salted Oreo. Yummy! My girlfriends and I also worked up an appetite shopping and enjoyed a good meal at the Old Church Restaurant in Castle Rock, Colorado built in 1888 just south of Denver. Since I am pregnant, I couldn't have the Brie and roasted garlic on flat bread with a blackberry jalapeno chutney. It sure looked good. They also specialized in trout and many other dishes. However, don't forget to make a reservation if you want to try this restaurant because the seating is limited. Thanks Buffi and Jennifer for such a fantastic weekend. Happy 40th Birthday Buffi! I can't wait for our next adventure!

The Denver Art Museum and it's view

A trip around the world for the price of one ticket

The Old Stone Church in Castle Rock, Colorado


Purple Flowers said…
I'm so glad you had a great time with your friends. It's wonderful and priceless to catch up with them.
jane said…
i´m so jealous! looks like such a great place. i´ve never been... i´d probably take 50 pictures of just the little ice cream shop. it´s too cute!
Oooh, that ice cream shop looks inviting!! There's an Italian ice cream shop around the corner from where I live in London. It's very hard to go past without getting a scoop. Or two :)
PS: You got me slightly wrong on my last post, I don't want to lose weight! I am just so annoyed about the bloody diet industry who try to coax people into unhealthy diets just to maximise their profits.
Looks like a great trip. My hubby grew up outside Denver, I haven't been there in years but I loved the city.
Arctic Mum said…
Hi, your nwe house looks fantastic. We're hoping to find one soon ourselves.

Thought I'd share with you that I think we'll have babies around the same time, I'm due 11th of July. I still haven't realized that we'll be five in the family, and hopefully the transition from four will go easily...
kari said…
what an interesting name - Little Man Ice Cream - is there a story behind the name?
I love museums too and I'm happy for you that you enjoyed your time with your girlfriends.
Wow! Thanks for this amazing visit!
Little Man Ice Cream to end it... Perfect ;)
Don said…
Yes, Denver is a fun city Friendly people too!
cate said…
i've never been there, but it looks so beautiful. if it wasn't so cold here in nyc today, that ice cream would definitely be calling my name!

p.s. kellyn, take a look back at the ebelskiver post. there is a link to our family's recipe for regular (sweet) ebleskivers. they are made with regular flour. you could also make the savory recipe using all purpose flour if you'd like the cheesy part but not the buckwheat!
Danelle said…
Looks like you had fun and beat the sub-zero temperatures! Now I know where to eat next time I'm down in Denver!

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