Deck the Halls!

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


PigletinFrance said…
ohhhhh how lovely and Christmassy! Is it snowing where you are? We've got snow today and I am so tempted to put up my tree but I can't go out and buy one as there's too much snow on the road :(

I love the stockings over the chimney, lovely!
Em said…
Wow! you are sure on top of things your house looks great!!
That is so beautiful. I haven't even started yet. I really need to soon because TOMORROW is December! How can that be? : )
Manisha said…
Oh, I am so excited for this holiday season. Your photos made me very happy!
Looks just lovely! I just put up my wreath today, my boys are getting so excited!
Anonymous said…

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