Georgian Fall


Roman And Harris

It seems like the weeks are just a blur as we soak in every last minute of sun shine and days of 80 degree weather. Every Wednesday Roman and I go to the park, the boys go on long walks with their papa on Sundays, and the rest of the week is filled with the boys activities. I haven't had much time to ponder as I have had one doctor appointment after another. It looks like all is good with my husband, so if my laproscopy comes back that I don't have endometriosis then I am off to a specialist to see if there is any thing they can do to help us in making our family complete. On Sunday after church, I did a little mini photo shoot with the boys. I am not 100% happy with the photos, but I think I am coming along. I just wish I could remember everything I learned at class, but I get out with the boys and my brain gets a little fuzzy with all their moving around. I think the next time I go I need to think about what aperature I need, ISO, and set the settings, so that I am ready to go when I get to the location. Hopefully, practice makes perfect. I wanted to do a photo of all three boys, but Roman got too close to the pond and fell in. Life is never boring here at our house. Oh, I made the yummiest rolls this weekend from the Pioneer Woman's blog. I served them with roast pork tenderloin, garlic mash potatoes, and home made apple sauce, and peas. I love fall cooking. Though I better find some time to get to the gym or I am not going to be able to fit in my pants any more. To see more corner views go to Theresa who has taken over until Jane comes back, and to see more Tuesdays around the globe go to Communal Global.


Dana said…
Oh, but I love the photos of the boys, especially Winston.

Best wishes for successful baby making. . . relax.
Buckeroomama said…
Your boys look especially handsome in their suits --little men!

Thank you for linking up with us at Communal Global. =)
Gorgeous shots...beautiful eyes they both have.
Your boys are the cutest. I started laughing so hard about your son falling in the pond. I can just imagine how difficult it is to shoot 3 little boys.

What a fab post. Welcome to communal global.
Francesca said…
I'm sorry for the unexpected dip in the pond, fortunately it's still warm there! The photos came out great. I hope you find some answers, but probably Dana gave you the best advice.
Maddy said…
I think the photos looks wonderful!! I know from experience that sometimes we are our own worst critic.
I think the photos are wonderful!

And, that meal sounds divine. I wasn't especially hungry,but now I am! :)
The pictures are wonderful!!

When I took Photo from Mrs. Richmond (at Bartlett), I remember her drilling this... into our heads:

"The bigger the number, the smaller the hole, the bigger the depth of field; the smaller the number, the bigger the hole, the smaller the depth of field." Of course she had us waving our hands around for it to all sink in.

Anita Johnson said…
The pictures are really cute, your comment about one of the boys falling in the pond cracked me up! I can't quite see a mom to girls writing that so nonchalantly!
Ma life à moi said…
Your 3 little boys are gorgeous!
MODsquad said…
Oh, they are so handsome!! Fantastic shots!!

Keep us posted on your health. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

So cool you're coming to Denver! There are some fantastic restaurants. Indy is always the way to go here. Here is a link to some good ones. You can search by neighborhood, cuisine or by checking out all the restaurants they have listed. Let me know if you have any questions... I'm so happy to help!
Conny said…
I am pondering that really cute sweater on son #2. I've taken up knitting again.

Sometimes boys need to be photographed in all their squirmy glory ~ hee, hee. I'm sure he wasn't happy about falling into the pond though. I'm sure you can capture their energy on film (or ditigal if that's the case).

Thanks for stopping by for a visit with Pooh and me. Cheers~
Theresa said…
Lots to ponder over there...the boys look great. My trick in taking shots of my kids, make sure they are having fun. I let them make silly faces too, and shoot those, they love that!
Em said…
It's great to hear from you... it's been a long time :) I love the photo's of your boys!!! big families are nice, it's fun to be home and enjoying them.
Don said…
I like the color in these!
Mlle Paradis said…
You have some good looking boys there! And your last weekend's dinner sounds delish. Continued best wishes...on the "project" - soon to be another beautiful family member!
la ninja said…
you're coming along more than all right, hun.
fingers crossed.

he fell in the pond? ha ha! :)
jgy said…
Gorgeous photos of your handsome boys! and Handsome photos of your gorgeous boys! I love the way the leaves are soft and atmospheric, and the colors you (or the boys?) chose as accents:) Happy days and best wishes with all!!♡
Felicity said…
hahaha so funny that your boy fell in the pond!! And every Sunday I think, while the boys are dressed nicely in their suits i'll get some pics of them. it never happens.haha. boys!!!!

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