Corner View "Humour and Mustaches"

Fall is slowly making it's way to the south. The last three days have been wonderful with the rain and cooler temperatures. I hit my kitchen and whipped up some homemade bread and soup for dinner on Monday. I am actually excited for fall this summer after having an amazing summer. I can't wait to bring out the sweaters and get cozy under the blankets. The other day, I found these two videos and couldn't stop laughing. One reflects my true life. I I know you all think I have an amazing life filled with endless travel, but as I told is just a perception not the reality. I am just lucky that I have a mother who can watch my children when I go away and that my husband has a job where he gets to travel. Sometimes I get to go with him. The other video is about ageing. I am not sure how I feel about it. I just turned 39. Hopefully, it is just a number. I hope you laugh as much as I did!

too see more corner views around the world vist Jane at Spain Daily.


anna said…
What a cute little boy, he shouldn't shave when he grows older :)

& hooray for the wrinkled ladies :)
Joyce said…
Your little sweetie looks adorable in his mustache! Thanks for the laughs- 39 is a good year. xo
i don't know about wrinkles too much either, the singer is a first for me... :) but 39 is fine, and let me tell you, honey, you ain't ever gonna get past me, agewise...
(and life is getting better growing older, and that's a promise!)
happy birthday too... :)))
Francesca said…
Happy birthday! I hope you have the chance to do more traveling in the near future, so you can tell us about it when you come back. Very cute photos of your boy.
jgy said…
Great combination of Humor and Mustache!
To find laughter at every stage of life---I think you've figured it out!!:))
Happy Birthday♡
Ha ha !!! This mustache is great ! Funny and cute idea.

Have a nice week
Theresa said…
Lucky you to travel with him :) and grandma to boot!
tikje wit said…
Happy birthday! Having chocolate-pie?
Have a fresh, good, wonderfull and amazingly happy year!
tanïa said…
Happy Birthday, herzlichen Glückwunsch and all the best! Don't worry about any age - as long as there is so much fun around, everything is fine! :o))

Enjoyed your happy, moustached and wrinkled CV!!
juliette said…
awesome! way to go on using a 'real' mustache! =P

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