Sliver Dollar City Amusement Park

Boy was it hot here today in Branson with temperatures in the low 90's. Mostly a dry heat, but none the less I felt like I was melting most of the day and was happy for the brief moments of shade we were able to find. Today, the boys and I went to Silver Dollar City amusement park. The park was fantastic because we didn't have to wait very long at any one point to go on a ride. Only two rides took some time to go on, and those were water rides. Roman fell asleep for the whole time that the boys were in line. It was really fun seeing Roman get into going on the rides this year. He was so happy. He kept saying," I go on rides and you ride with me." Meaning he wanted me to be by his side 100% of the time. Harris is a roller coaster junky while Winston is totally happy to sit and wait. He doesn't like going upside down. It is not for him. The park is themed around old time Americana. All the people dress in old time prairie costumes. We ended the day by eating ice cream for the second time this week for dinner and a dip in our pool here at the resort we are staying at. I also learned a lesson today and that is I need a smaller sized camera for just these occasions when I am going to be walking around all day. My camera is heavy and also one of the boys accidentely switched something on my lens and it took me most of the day to realize what they had done, so most of the pictures I took came out blurry.


Iman said…
How do I email you? I would love to pick your brain on some things to do this summer. Our family is taking a road trip from Seattle > Michigan > Chicago > and down to Dallas.
Anything interesting along that route that you know of would be great!
Allison said…
Oh, what I would give to have just a few days in the 90's... I could wear skirts and sandals and it would be glorious compared to cold Northern German summers. (but then again it might be miserable when I tried to go to sleep that night with no AC, hmmm!) I love amusement parks... looks like you great time and kids make it even more fun!

I've been meaning to stop by for quite some time now, but nap times are filled with me trying to get a few things done in the office and sewing... sigh, friends are neglected, favorite blogs are neglected, garden... and the list goes on.

Thanks for the movie review... I wrote down the two "girl movies" that you talked about. We are always looking for some decent English speaking videos to watch and my husband doesn't mind a good love story. Sometimes my brain just needs a break from German.

Schön Tag noch!
kyndale said…
how fun (well except for the heat! And they all wear costumes?!
Gorgeous photos! It's hot here in NY too but lovely weather! Hope you have a great weekend!

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