12 years +Inspirational Challenge #4

Tubingen 1997

We take a break from our regular programing to announce:
Frank and I have been married for 12 years. It is crazy! It just doesn't seem possible. It seems just like yesterday we had just met each other on a church camp out, and now here we are 12 years later. You want to hear our love story? To tell you the truth neither one of us likes camping. Why either one of us went is a miracle since it was raining that day. We met on Whitby Island in Washington State. My girlfriend convinced me to go saying that I would have a good time. He must have fell in love with the Swiss miss braids I was wearing in my hair that night along with my gorgeous cream colored Irish knit sweater, or it could have been my fantastic ability to speak German (which wasn't really that great at the time-the basics). He knows why I fell in love with him, it was because of the candy. He offered me his last Ferraro chocolate. Those yummy little chocolate balls with the chocolate insides and Hazelnut then are dipped in chocolate and rolled in Hazelnuts and wrapped in the pretty little gold wrapper. No joke! He knew how to win over my heart as he squished out the other guy sitting next to me by the camp fire. The rest is history. One year exactly from that day we got married. Happy Anniversary my Schaetz!


Jenna said…
Happy Anniversary! I am so excited to know we share the same wedding anniversary date! Who knew that while I was getting married you and Frank were meeting and falling in love and that on my first anniversary you were getting married - crazy!

I love the picture of you two - You are so gorgeous!
Nadja said…
Happy anniversary!! That is soooooooooo sweet that Frank gave you his last candy! :)
n a t s u m i said…
Happy anniversary!! These photos are so beautiful and sweet. Thank you for sharing your story! oxox
Congrats on 12 years of marriage together. It looks like you guys have been travelers from the beginning. We live about an hour from Nuremberg in a small village called Edelsfeld, it's close to Amberg. I hope you enjoyed your trip here.
Congratulations on 12 years!!!
travelingmama said…
This is just SOOOOO sweet!! I love it!! Thanks for playing along!
MODsquad said…
I love this! Happy #12 to you both!! You're a beautiful couple!
juliette said…
sweet! literally! =) I met my German husband at a church fair, lol. I was a last-min fill-in rep at our church's table. Hubby had just started seminary studies in the US and the seminary had a church fair to introduce students to area churches. We also ended up having mutual friends and my basic German ensured I was the only person he'd met State-side who actually said his name correctly =) You just never know!

Congrats on the anniversary and recent fun trip over here!

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