Double Digits!

Happy 10th Birthday Harris!
Harris in Alaska at 5 months old
Opening presents
Family Dinner

It seems just like yesterday you were a little baby and now you are 10. I can't believe it! Time has flown by. You are such a smart boy with many many talents. Mommy, Papa, Winston, Roman, Oma, Opa, Nana, Grandpa Nerney, Tante Martina, Uncle Uwe, and Marc all love you so much. We wish you a life time of happiness. The day started off with a special birthday breakfast that followed by opening of presents. You recieved a R4 card from your nana, money from Grandpa Nerney, dvds from all your family in Germany along with some money, and a DS game and the game of Life from your Mommy and Papa. Then after school we headed out for dinner and some bowling. Roman stayed home with nana since he is too little to bowl and would have been sad that he couldn't play too!


Jenna said…
Happy Birthday Harris! Kellyn - you do not look old enough to have a ten year old. Are we getting old enough to have kids in the double digits? Crazy! I hope you have a fabulous week!
sweetpea said…
I remember when he was just about that tiny!! Wow, 10 years goes fast!!! Happy Birthday Harris!

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