Saturday, May 31, 2008

Splish Splash I was....

Splish, Splash I was taking a bath. The best fun is had in the tub everyday here at our house.
The boys love taking a bath together. This is where they have their adventures. Today they are a one eyed monster and Captain Mohawk.


Em said...

Kellyn-- I am so happy that you sent me the link to your cute blog! Thanks! Yes- I agree the boys would have such fun playing together! Let's plan it! We are thinking of doing the Zurich Zoo on the 23rd at 1:00 - would that work for you guys? I loved seeing the Ken Follett books on your shelfari. They are my Mother-In-Laws very favorites and I just loaded them on to my Kindle. We'll have to chat about them!

Likes Chocolate said...

I am sure that date will work. I will put it on my calender. Can't wait! We haven't been there yet. I have been telling everyone the story about the tickets. They can't believe it. It is so crazy. Funny how you need to strap dog into the car, but you can leave your children alone at home here.