Krakow At Night


When we arrived in Krakow after getting settled in our apartment of our friends, we ate dinner and then took the tram into the city. It is super easy to get around Krakow.  The city was full of people eating dinner, shopping, and enjoying the wonderful summer night.  The city of Krakow at night reminds me of Venice minus the water aspect that obviously Krakow does not have.  The large square, the pigeons, people eating outside at cafes, music, and ancient gorgeous buildings.  Krakow at night is magical.


italiafinlandia said…
It looks such an awesome place!,:-)
William Kendall said…
Quite beautiful in evening.
Dearest Kelleyn,
Wow, Krakow is indeed magical and you captured its brilliance so well with all the girls.
Indeed, it does resemble somewhat Piazza San Marco in Venice.
Glad you could visit there and indulge in its architecture and charme!
Zinaida Strinu said…
Hello! I allowed myself to borrow a photo from your blog and post it, with the necessary link, here:
Thank you very much!

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