When Frank realized that Auschwitz was so close to where we were staying in Poland, he decided he would forgo a city tour and go there instead.  The only problem was that the girls were too young to go.  It is recommended that no one under 14 visit the memorial.  Since I didn't need a car to get into the city, Frank and Roman went to Auschwitz and the girls and I went into the city with our friends.  My husband said while he didn't learn anything that he didn't already know, it was extremely powerful to see it up close.  Going to Auschwitz made it more real, and not just something that one sees on tv or learns about in a school textbook.  One cannot imagine how big the facility is and seeing the fingernail scratches on the wall of the gas chamber was heartbreaking.  Having young daughters my husband said it was extremely difficult to keep it together when he saw the braids of the young girls.  Today there seems to be this cancel culture, the only problem is that you cannot re-write history.  A friend of mine said that she was surprised that they didn't just get rid of the whole camp. I expressed to her that not doing so is now a powerful tool to help us remember what not to do in the future.  I pray we will never do anything as horrendous again as what happened in Auschwitz by the Nazis.  


DUTA said…
Very powerful photos! Thanks for sharing.
William Kendall said…
It needs to be preserved, as a reminder to those who still deny that it was real, that it happened, and that in the words of one veteran: "this is why we fought World War Two." Auschwitz and the other camps were proof of how evil humanity can be.

Very powerful photos. There is a Holocaust monument here that includes present day photographs etched onto the walls. One of those is the fence at Auschwitz.
Cloudia said…
Bless you for this important post. And for being on the side of what is true and right.
Tom said… of history's dark times.
Dearest Kelleyn,
Sad that the girls were too young so you had to separate and have the city tour.
My Pieter has been to one in Northern Germany while in the Dutch Military but I've never been to it. It is mind boggling and indeed as you mention, proof of how evil humanity can be!
Let's pray that this never ever will get repeated.
Extremely powerful photos & post Kelleyn!
Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Yes, this world never be forgotten!

I'm glad you enjoyed our cuppa together at
Angie said…
Kelleyn - long time no chat! Thanks for your recent visit to my blog and your kind comments.

Visiting Auschwitz can hardly be described as a pleasant experience, but it is critical such places are preserved so that we never forget!

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