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Hi!  Hope you had a great week!  I think I can finally say we are settled in and we are starting to find our new normal.  The last couple of weeks have been nuts with doctors appointments, reunions, back to school, and a few house repairs.  I am still working on my decluttering house project.  I honestly don't know how we have so much stuff because my house was never dirty and everything had a place, but the bags of trash and donations to the Goodwill would say otherwise.  I have cleared out 20 bags of trash along with a few items too big for bags and not worthy of donating and I have taken 28 bags of clothes, books, and toys to the Goodwill.  My son Harris was home for a day this week before heading off to college and we cleared out his room and when all was said and done we only put three small boxes in the storage room.  I just need to tackle our storage room, and now that we have my moms stuff out of the house, it should be a lot easier.  Come Monday, the carpet layers come and put new carpet in our TV room.  I am so excited as the carpet we chose is so beautiful and super soft on the feet.  Now I just need to find a painter to come and paint the inside of the house. My whole house is beige, but this time I am going to add some color.  I just need to choose the right shades of blue.  Wish me good luck!  Choosing paint colors is so hard for me because since I don't actually do the painting myself it is such a financial commitment and I get so nervous about whether or not I am making the right choice-seriously first world problems.  Well, now on to the title of this post.  Last weekend my mom treated the little girls to a night stay at the Mariott Hotel in their American Girl Suite.  American Girl is a big doll brand here in the United States and the dolls come with stories that either represents a time in history or for example their newest doll likes all things to do with outer space.  Anyway, the stay including rooms decked out all in pink, a movie with popcorn, swimming, a special treat, and beds for their dolls.  The girls were in heaven. Here are a few pictures from that night. I should note that Avery's Birthday is coming up next month, so this was her birthday present. Her birthday falls a few days before fall break so we won't be in town for her special day.


Lisa said…
Oh my gosh, what a wonderful idea for a hotel to have an American Girl suite!! What a fun time!! I admire your decluttering project...I need to do that, too. I have so many boxes in the basement, most I have no idea what's inside!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts
LOVE the crowns!! cute princesses! and I agree - I think stuff sorta multiplies when no one is looking
Happy Birthday to your girl. All so pretty. I've been trying to clear out so my kids won't have all our mess to get rid of once I'm gone. Over the years so much still here and I often wonder how I ever had 3 kids in this house because they've moved out ages ago, but after all and said and done, I finally realize that I'm the messy one. haha

carol l mckenna said…
Happy Birthday to a sweet and cute little girl and what beautiful pink room!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores
Jeanna said…
That will be a forever memory, what a fun, cool thing to do. There was that lunch place for American Girl dolls in Chicago wasn't there?
Where does all that stuff come from? I gave up about a 1/4 way through of a big cleaning push and here it sits in boxes, well at least most everything is in bins and containers.
American Girl is actually one of the biggest or at least most successful companies here. And their location, Middleton, is where much of the flooding occurred. The road on the way to their place is closed near there, but I haven't heard anything about floating dolls.
Birgitta said…
Wow! So very nice!
shayndel said…
I love the pink!
Your mom is so sweet, such a special gift!
Happy Birthday to Avery!
DeniseinVA said…
Mariott Hotel in their American Girl Suite? What a great birthday gift from your Mom and never knew a hotel to have such a suite. I know the American Girl dolls well as I have bought a few for our great niece. We also met up with her family at their shop in Tyson’s Corner. I definitely got in touch with my inner child. Loved the photos and those smiling faces, fun post!
Girls seem to love pink. I have slightly red hair so I never felt good wearing pink. The three are sure cute sitting together. - Margy
junieper said…
Thumbs up about the decluttering:) What a great idea about the American Girl - have to pass that on to my daughter! Can see your girls loved it:) Great sharing this with All Seasons! Have a great week and enjoy your decluttered house!
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Every day I think this is the day I seriously get rid of stuff. Good for you! After reading what you did, I'm inspired to consider my desk tomorrow.

What a treat for your daughters! I'd be thrilled, too.
Angie said…
What a special experience for the girls.

I know about "cleaning out" with all the moves we have made over the years. It pays to be ruthless about it - the more you keep the harder it gets once you finally want to clean it out!
Jeanie said…
Love the photos and what a special birthday for the birthday girl!

I'm in the clean and purge mode too. You find the most interesting things! I'll be taking a batch of stuff to Goodwill this week. If it isn't one thing, it's another!
The girls look so happy! Happy Birthday! Enjoy the new carpet and have fun picking out the shade of blue for your house, you can't go wrong with that colour.


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