Out on the Town

On the first of the month, my husband and I celebrated our 21st Anniversary. Crazy to think it has been that long. Unfortunately, we were busy getting the children ready for back to school the next day and so we didn't celebrate the day. Things calmed down and we were finally able to celebrate the day by going to a new to us restaurant called Canoe and then going to a concert at the Chastain Amphitheater seeing the amazing Lindsey Stirling and the rock group Evanescence.  The second band was a total surprise to me as I hadn't really paid attention when I booked our tickets.  I was surprised that Frank actually liked the band as it isn't really our normal cup of tea when it comes to the choice of music.   Despite the muggy weather, it was a lovely evening under the stars.


DUTA said…
Happy Wedding Anniversary!
Delicious food and a lovely concert are a great celebration recipe!
Jeanna said…
Happy 21st, that's quite a feat these days. I think muggy days turn into the best nights under the stars. That is an adorable! selfie. And that dessert above you isn't half bad either.
Lisa said…
Happy anniversary!! It sounds like a wonderful celebration!! The food looks so delicious and the music fabulous!! Your photos are gorgeous!! Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

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Junieper2 said…
The food looks scrumptious, but a happy relationship tops that hands down - happy anniversary Kelleyn! Awesome photos - and even the one who took your shot is great:) Glad you guys celebrated it and shred it with All Seasons, and wish many more of these in coming years!
Jeanie said…
Looks fun, delicious and very happy! Much joy to you!
Looks like a lovely way to celebrate the day. Happy anniversary!
Angie said…
Congratulations on your anniversary. I did not know Lindsay Stirling until I watched that season of Dancing with the Stars. She is an impressive woman!

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