Legoland 18

Last year shortly after arriving here in Germany we drove down to Legoland to celebrate Addy's 6th birthday.  Everyone had a blast, it is a fraction of the cost of Disney, and there is something for everyone.  My friend Elke and I have been trying to figure out how we could hook up and see each other since we have arrived. She lives near Munich which is almost a 5-hour drive from where we live.  We came up with the plan to meet in Legoland. They had never been!  We all had a fantastic time.  The weather was perfect and while it was a holiday weekend the crowds were manageable.


Kids love legos so how fun a place to visit. Thanks for sharing.

Peabea from Pictorial Tusday
Jeanna said…
Ohhh I want to be in that little canoe! I would rather go here than into the madness of Disneyworld anyday.
betty-NZ said…
It's not just for kids anymore! What awesome things to see and do.

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