Hello!  How are you?  Hope all is going well. Today, I am sharing the celebration of my nephew's confirmation.  In the Evangelium church or Protestant church at the age of 13, the children have the opportunity to choose whether or not they want to further their commitment to the church. This is very similar to Catholics confirmation. We began the celebrations on Saturday evening with a wonderful dinner along the river at a local beer garden.  On Sunday, he was confirmed at the church along with around 13 other youth. The ceremony was followed by a wonderful lunch. It was a wonderful day for his parents and family.

Psalms 139:5
You go before me and follow me.  You place your hand and blessing on my head.

Also a shout out to my son Winston who is celebrating his 16th birthday!
 I can't believe we will have two drivers now in the house.  Watch out Atlanta!  


Buckeroomama said…
Congratulations on your nephew's Confirmation. A milestone!
Lady Fi said…
Adorable shots of this milestone.
Linda said…
Hello! I hopped right over here to meet you! Thank you for visiting me. You have such a beautiful family and what a momentous occasion to celebrate! Our church had a special service last Sunday for a group of young people. I can’t tell exactly where in the USA you are but you mentioned Atlanta so maybe in Georgia?
We have permanently located our camper here on my step son’s ranch and we stay here for two weeks at a time and then go home for two weeks.
I’m going to try to find your follow button!
Hootin' Anni said…
What a joy for me to visit while you share such aa special occasion!
Tamar SB said…
What a wonderful day! Congrats!
Sussi said…
Looks wonderful! Congratulations for your nephew!
Those smiles say it all.
Gattina said…
Must have been a very nice celebration !
Looks like lots of good food, family and fun! Thanks for popping by my blog today!
Cloudia said…
Congratulations! Great pictures of beautiful people. Thanks for visiting new friend <3
Mary K. said…
Congratulations to your nephew. These are all great shots which capture the essence of the people in them.

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