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Hi!  How are you?  Did you have a good week?  The week started off with a little holiday here in Germany for May Day with no school on Monday and Tuesday.  It was so nice not to set the alarm.  I am so not a morning person.  On Monday, we went to Frankfurt had a little lunch and did some shopping and Tuesday we went to a BBQ; however, on Wednesday my littlest woke up with a fever and starting throwing up by mid-day.  She is on the mend now and I just pray that the rest of us don't get her bug because we are going to Stuttgart today for my nephew's confirmation.  Do you have anything fun planned?   Well, before I wow you with my pictures from Holland, I want to catch up with all the other things that are going on in our lives.  The biggest is that Ivy turned 4!  She is getting so big, spunky, and is such a sweetheart.  She is smart as a whip too!

Happy Birthday, Darling Girl!

The girls finished their season of gymnastics.

Every Tuesday, their Oma comes makes them lunch helps them with their homework and with the help of a swim instructor they have been perfecting their swim strokes.

The girls love these playmobile sets. They spend countless hours playing with them.  Best toy I ever bought.

Harris finished his first year at BYU and loved being able to participate in the Rocketry club.  He is home back in Georgia taking a few days off before spending the summer in New York doing an internship.  Way to go Harris!

I just finished this book called All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr.  It was beautifully written.  I have mixed feeling about the book.  It took me a while to get into it, but then about halfway through I couldn't put it down.  The book it set in the 1930-1940s and then jumps to modern day at the very end of the book.   Set in France and Germany, you follow the story of Werner a boy with the gift to build radios and other electronics and a blind French girl, who is living in St. Malo, with her Uncle and caregiver after fleeing Paris.  One thing that bothers me is how unrealistic the story would be given she is blind.  The Nazis were notorious for rounding up those with disabilities, so how likely would it have been for her to be able to walk freely in her town without the authorities taking her away. I will leave it at that as I would hate to ruin the story for you. 

Winston flew out to Utah to hang with his brother for the week of spring break.  They went to the movies, went to General Conference at Temple Square, visited the Salt Flats, Hiked up to the Y, and enjoyed some Korean BBQ.  Winston also ran every day while he was there and requested a visit with an ex-olympian who came in 6th I believe for running. 

Addy learned to ride a bike two weeks ago, she is so proud of herself.  She loves keeping up with the big kids in the neighborhood.

Let's not forget that Easter came and went. We celebrated just a few days early as the Easter bunny knew we were going to be in Ireland during Easter.  We also didn't do a traditional dinner with ham and potatoes.  My mom brought the stuff to make enchiladas so we went to town on those. They were so good.  Well, Hope you have a great weekend!  


Jeanie said…
Ivy is totally adorable. All your kids are! What happy faces.

I adored All the Light You Cannot See -- although you bring up a good point! That's one of my favorite periods to read about.

And can't wait for Amsterdam -- another of my favorite cities!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful activities showing happy children pursuing their interests. Travel outside the USA is such a great experience. World views change and become broader. It is all good. Your older boys are so grown up. Looking good and also pursuing their interests. Rockets! Do you have an Elon Musk in the making??? Susan
What a lovely post, everyone looks so happy.
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Happy Birthday to your Ivy! I enjoyed reading your post. You have wonderful children, all full of fun, joy, and accomplishments. Kudos to you. :-)
The View from the Top of the Ladder
Anonymous said…
You are great at bringing out the individual characteristics of each of your children in your captures! Ivy - already four! Wow, blow her a birthday kiss from me. So much fun to read what's going on with you in Germany during your year in Germany for All seasons. Always interesting to me, since one of my expertise was in cross cultural issues. Enjoy your spring week, Kelleyn!
Ola said…
I am a morning person so I do not mind alarm ringing:) But of course, I appreciate all holidays:)
Angie said…
Well, apart from the stomach bug, all appears well in the land of Traveling Bug. Happy children. College students with internships. Hard boiled eggs with googly eyes. What more could you want? We are busy this work doing fun stuff with our new house .... love it!!! And the weather has been beautiful - sunny but not too warm!!!

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