Fields of Gold

Hi!  It is another holiday weekend here in Germany.  The holiday is called Kristihimmelfarht. It celebrates the return of Jesus to heaven and takes place on the 39th day after Easter. We are going to go to Legoland and visit a friend who lives in Bayern. The kids are so excited.  Do you have any plans for the weekend?  Before I head off, I want to share with you some photos I took of the girls in the Rape fields. Germany in the springtime is honestly so dreamy!  I am oohing and aahing like every 5 seconds.  It doesn't get old.  Happy Weekend!  Happy Mother's Day too to all the mother's and to all those who help raise the village.


We have rape fields in England too. I’ve never seen any here but wait until they start to smell. Not so pretty then. Enjoy Legoland
Anonymous said…
I am curious what rape seed is used for? The fields are beautiful
and so are the pretty girls with yellow flowers in the background.
mm, age 71
vancouver, wa.
likeschocolate said…
Rape is used for cooking oil.
Anonymous said…
Waaauwie - that is even more saturated yellow than sunflower fields! Totally forgot Ascension day - we used to have it on the calendar in Holland, but I think it would only be mentioned in the church on Sunday.
Hope you a a happy Mothers Day, Kelleyn! Thank you for sharing these happy scenes with All Seasons, and hope you had a great trup!
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Your girls are cute. The fields make a colorful background to their happiness. In California, we call rabe wild mustard fields. The leaves are delicious steamed, then sauteed with lots of garlic and a bit of soy sauce.
Angie said…
With those fields on all sides, I can see why you'd be oohing and aahing! Those girls make quite the models … they simply radiate happiness! Have a wonderful week!

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