The Dark Hedges

Those of you who are Game of Throne fans will probably be familiar with the Dark Hedges, but I am not really a fan. Sorry! Just a little too violent for me! My son loves the show.  I saw a picture of the dark hedges when we were doing research for places we wanted to visit in Ireland. I knew we had to go and see this beautiful lane of trees for ourselves. A gazillion other people had the same idea too! My suggestion is if you want to see them without a gazillion other people is to go really early in the morning or late in the evening as the tour buses won't be there.  The trees are located 20 minutes away from the Giant's Causeway. They were planted around 1775  by the Stuart family as the entrance to their Georgian Mansion called Gracehill. Originally, 150 beech trees were planted and today only 90 remain. Today the trees are looked after and protected as they should be because despite the crowds they are magical.


Beth said…
I was in Ireland 14 years ago. The Cliffs of ? (can't remember) were my favorite. My husband and I went there in celebration of turning 50. We absolutely loved it!
We didn't visit this spot that you've featured but I agree that it's awesome.
Such pretty girls --love the cute dresses!
NCSue said…
Great photos, but like you, I would prefer visiting without a gazillion fellow travelers!
Thanks for sharing at
I just read all four of your Ireland posts and really enjoyed the virtual trip. You're a good tour guide. Your real-life companions (;>)) look like they are having a wonderful time -- smiles in every picture everywhere! What great opportunities you are creating for your beautiful family.
I don't follow Game of Throne either but I loved the fun photos.
Sharon Wagner said…
The girls are so cute in their dresses. And what a backdrop! I've read all the books and seen all the shows. Now, I'm eagerly waiting for more....
I am a big fan of GoT! And how I love to visit this beautiful spot in Ireland. And you girls look super cute with their colorful dresses. Love them!
NanaHood said…
I'm not a fan of Game of Thrones but I am a fan of Ireland! Thanks for sharing!
NanaHood said…
FYI- those little girls are adorable. Teresa from NanaHood
Ruth said…
I am not a fan of the show either. I think I am part of 1% of the population that have not seen even one episode. However, this places is super beautiful. Would like to visit!
robin. said…
i have a deep fondness for trees. these are absolutely stunning.
...just BE.

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