What would be a trip to Ireland be without a visit to a castle or estate or two?  Having loved watching the series Downtown Abbey, we thought it would be fun to go see an estate called Powerscourt.  Powerscourt is located a little less than an hour south of Dublin in Wicklow County.  You may have heard of Wicklow as it was the area where the movie P.S. I Love you was predominately filmed. Other movies have been filmed there as well such as Braveheart, Michael Collins, Evelyn, and the HBO TV series The Tudors. Some even call this region the Hollywood of Europe.  Powerscourt sits on 47 acres of beautifully manicured gardens. The building which we see today was greatly altered in the 18th century by a German architect, and sadly in 1974, a fire broke out on the top floor destroying much of the top levels of the home and thus when you visit Powerscourt you will not be able to tour the rooms of the estate.  What you will find a handful of gift stores that include everything from an Irish general store, a toy store, a clothing store selling Irish knits, a cafe, and visitors information center where you can purchase your tickets to enter the grounds.   Also located on the estate is a golf course, spa, and hotel.  The gardens were lovely, but I think we were just a couple weeks too early as I imagine the gardens are just beginning to explode with color. We enjoyed a little picnic lunch with items obtained from the general store and the children loved getting their faces painted in the gardening center. Today Powerscourt is owned by the Slazenger family but for many centuries the Wingfield family walked its halls.  It was definitely worth the visit!

Have a lovely weekend!  We are off to Holland for the weekend to see the tulips.  Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?


Nancy Chan said…
Awww...the little ones are so cute!
Ella said…
Very nice photos!
The kids are beautiful!
So! You are coming to the Netherlands!
It is nice weather this weekend!
Have fun in Keukenhof! 🌷
Tom said…
...cute kids who love to have their picture taken!
Anonymous said…
Ah great castle, and I can see why they would use that as the background of a movie - it breathes Ireland! As delightful as the castle is, your children even more so! Are you going to drive up to the Keukenhof or go by plane? Anyways, you will be in love with the flowers:)
PS. is this the beginning of the pics of Ireland or did you already post some more?
betty-NZ said…
It looks like everybody is having a great time!
Fun to visit a castle with your little princesses and princes! Very creative face-painting there at the end!! Love how you're running off to another country for the weekend ... a bit harder to to do here ... lookingt forward to seeing the tulips.
Such history in European countries. Here is the west our history is has often gone back to the natural setting. - Margy
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Your kids are so cute! I love their smiles. :-) Every now and then when I watch a British movie featuring a castle, the castle looks like one I saw in another movie. I wonder if there's a castle that has been used the most in movies and TV shows.

The View from the Top of the Ladder
Anonymous said…
Am excited for your kids, they are learning so much, only it will show later in life, when they understand the significance of it. Many thanks for sharing this castle also with All Seasons! Wishing you a lovely spring week!
Angie said…
When we visited Ireland, this was on our list but we just ran out of time. Hearing that the rooms are not available, I think I am glad we didn't go ... I love gardens, but I also like to see the 'house.' I can see why the kids enjoyed the face painting - sweet!

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