My mother, who has been to Ireland 8 times now, says she is kind of over Dublin but I don't know I just adore the city even with modern additions of American fast food like Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Papa Johns. There is just something absolutely wonderful about walking down Grafton Street and listening to a variety of street musician play their songs mixed with the cacophony of Irish speakers talking to one another. Then let's not forget the smell of fish and chips, though today you can food from all over the world. When we drove into Dublin, I just kept pinching myself on how lucky we were to have such beautiful weather. I felt like I was dreaming. Our first stop was to drop me off at Trinity College to go to the Library and see the Book of Kells which is an illustrated copy of the Bible dating back to around 800 AD. While the Book of Kells is pretty impressive, in my opinion, the library is the true star. It takes your breath away! After strolling through the Trinity courtyard, I met up with my gang in Merrion Square. The park was bedecked with spring flowers, and we had fun posing with Oscar Wilde. The children had fun playing in the Giants Garden and afterward, we walked the perimeter of the square taking photos of all the colorful doors. Next stop was at Murphys' Icecream. Yum yum! Then on to see Molly Malone also known as Tart in the Cart before strolling down the Temple Bar district to get a bite of Irish Stew and listen to some Irish music.


DUTA said…
The ceiling at the library is mind blowing!
I agree the library is amazing. Your troop looks so happy roaming the streets.
I've never been to Dublin you have tempted me! Lovely pics.
italiafinlandia said…
I have nice memories of Dublin too.
Enjoy your visit!
Jeanie said…
I think I would like Dublin very much with its wonderful pubs and colorful doors. That stairway photo is fabulous and I love the library! What a trip!
Anonymous said…
That library - wow! And also wow, what crowds! (were they allowed to talk in the library?) Cute pics of each of you in the garden of the Giants:). Oh, you know how to tempt someone with ice cream!
Great summery of Dublin for All Seasons, Kelleyn! Have a memorable week!
Su-sieee! Mac said…
The library is a wowza, wow, wow! It's kinda cozy. I like the colored doors. It has me wanting to paint our front door. Dublin looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.
The View from the Top of the Ladder
Jill Foley said…
Every photo made me smile...I went to Dublin for the first time last September and our first stop was also Trinity College. That library is AMAZING - I could have stayed there all day.

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