above photo credit Nikanos

                                                photo credit for photo of Elizabeth Kirsch by Andreas Trepte

What do you do when all your plans fall through?  Turn to plan B and in this case while Marburg was not going to be Luxembourg city it was still a fun place to explore. Located just 40 k north of Butzbach, so just about an hour 15 from Frankfurt this university town offers a rich history in old style German Architecture, good food, and a beautiful castle to explore. Be forwarned getting to this castle is a bit of a hike and all up hill, so if you have little ones you may want to take the bus directly there is you are traveling by train; however, the views from up above are lovely. Where to eat? Endless choices since Margburg is a university town and at reasonable prices.  It was pretty apparent that the children just weren't into sight seeing, so we cut our loses and went to see the movie Emoji at the giant Cinaplex in town.  That is how it is when you are traveling with children.  Sometimes they can totally be all into whatever one is exploring and at others they just aren't digging it. This meant we didn't get to see the inside of the castle, but I am sure we will go back to Marburg one day. Anyway, when I say we I am speaking of myself and our friend Nadja from Austria. We have known her for for 14 years now. She helped me with the boys for a couple of summers when she had first graduated from high school.  The kids loved the movie and afterward we walked back to the train stain via Elizabeth Kirche.  Well, Today is the first day of school here in Germany.  Poor Addy was totally nervous.  Avery starts tomorrow and Ivy on Wednesday.  They are all so ready to be back in school and I am ready to have a little bit of peace and quiet each day.  Hope your week is starting off well? See you back here soon!


Happy back to school week! Smiled at the big high heel shoe sculpture and loved the book-reading golem... he can't be all bad if he likes to read, right?
DeniseinVA said…
Your children are adorable! I thoroughly enjoyed your post and looking at all these great photos. Thank you :)
NCSue said…
Beautiful images, and your kids are adorable!
Thanks for joining us at
Jeanna said…
I remember traveling as a kid and all I wanted was to do was drink soda, eat ice cream and swim, much like now. I had a nephew who would always say, "Let's go" within minutes of arriving somewhere. It's tough but I bet those kids are being so well developed and there will come a time you won't be into it and they'll be dragging you around (:
Tom said… is an exploration, planning is fine but few things turn out as planned, just roll with it.
Wonderful photos of this beautiful town. I was there a few years ago and I likje this town pretty much.
Best, Synnöve
molly said…
I love all the sculptures

NatureFootstep said…
taht is some cool statues here and there. Love the frog and shoe :)
What a beautiful area! So charming!! The movie was a good plan to entertain the children!
betty-NZ said…
What an amazing place! I appreciate your sharing these great photos.

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