Soccer Season and Other Comings and Goings

Hi!  Happy Friday!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Hope you are enjoying some fine Irish Food today.  I had a lovely Shepard's Pie for lunch followed by a Mint Chocolate Crunch cupcake from my favorite cupcake store. Lots going on right now at our house right now, as we prepare to leave for Germany the 1st of June.  The biggest news being is that we finally straightened out the passport/visa situation for the children and me.  It was touch and go for a while as we weren't sure if were going to be able to get passports for our two youngest daughters who are adopted from China.  It turns out we were missing a really important document because we gave it to the U.S. immigration and they never gave it back.  Thankfully, I contacted the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou, China and they were able to send an electronic copy of this document and then they were able to verify it with the German consulate that it was a legitimate copy of the original.  We were on pins and needles for a couple of weeks, but it worked and they are processing our documents as we speak.  Sadly that isn't the end of the story, as we will need to legalize the adoptions once we get to Germany, but at least for now the children and I will be able to go over with my husband come June.  Thanks to my mother and father-in-law they are going to purchase the appliances for our apartment too, so that we don't have to stay in a hotel for very long once we get there.  In other news, my son Harris won third place in his entrepreneurship category for FBLA for the state, so he has a chance to go to California in July if he can get off of work.  He is also a finalist in the interview process to work in a laboratory at Georgia State University Neuroscience Lab.  Let's pray and cross our fingers he gets the job.  Thankfully, I have almost all the dental and doctor visits under our belt, so that we don't have to worry about that while we are in Germany.  I just need to get my knee healed and we are good to go.  Last but not least, Winston is really enjoying his soccer club this season.  They dismantled his team from fall and put some new kids in the mix and they are now playing much better.  I have to give my husband credit for all the weekends he has spent on the soccer field the last two years, while it is fun to watch our son it isn't so much fun to watch him when it is cold and windy outside.  Well, I hope you have a good weekend! Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?


Indeed there is a lot going on in your life - sounds exciting though - and congrats to your son.
This is a great sport and fabulous to move !
Have a sunny weekend, Synnöve
Debbie Harris said…
Hello Kelleyn~~ you visited my blog and I followed you home, so nice to find your lovely place here.
You have a full plate and it all sounds so exciting. That's exciting news for your son Harris.
Sounds like a big move for your family coming up, all the best to you.

God's blessings~
carol l mckenna said…
Fun actions shots ~ Happy Trails to you and family ~ enjoy ~ ^_^

Wishing you a Happy Day ~ ^_^
Tom said…
Kelleyn, soccer is such a kick in the grass! Happy St Patty's Day.
Hello! Thank you for your visit to my blog earlier ("Closed Doors, Open Windows"). I always look forward to meeting new people and I welcome you to my open window on the world in the woods! It sounds like you are getting ready for a very big adventure with your family. My prayers go with you as you embark on this journey. May the Lord go before you and prepare the way for all of the important details you have mentioned. It all sounds very exciting. Stay in touch and keep us posted on your world traveling events!! Blessings to you and yours.
Klara S said…
Hello, you have so many things going on right now, but I'm sure everything will be ok.Happy St Patrick's Day!
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