Blue and Gold 17

Every year, the Cub Scouts have a big banquet to recognize those who are moving up and to also recognize the leaders who make it possible.  This year's banquet was super fun as they choose to do a medieval themed night. The leaders dressed in make shift costumes and the kids made their own armour.  One of my favorite memories of the night was when the leaders went around and gave toast in Medieval style.  Another fun memory, was when they did medieval games.  I am not sure who had more fun the dads or the kids.  It was a huge success!  So grateful for the Cub Scout program and for all the leaders who make it possible.  My children have learned so many wonderful skills through the program that they would otherwise not have an opportunity to experience.


kksharma said…
Great, you captured awesome photos of that beautiful place. its really enjoyable place.
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Reema said…
Wow! What a cute pics you shared. It was amazing place and great things in your post. Thanks.

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Brooke said…
I love that they have a banquet for the scouts! Kudos! I'd say next time maybe you can incorporate some scout slogans on a banner? I found some scout mottos here if you want me to share them for you: Boy Scout Slogans

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