Whitewater on the Ococee River

I am so grateful that I belong to a church that has such an awesome youth program.  I know lots of churches have youth programs, but I really feel like ours goes above and beyond for our youth providing them with a variety of good experiences.  Knock on wood we have been pretty lucky with our children that they have made good choices up to this point.  Harris and a group of 60 other youth from our area went whitewater rafting on the Ococee River this past Saturday.  He had so much fun! I am grateful to the leaders who gave up their Saturday to make this activity happen.  I feel so blessed at the moment.  How was your weekend?  We also celebrated my 45th birthday (pictures coming soon).  Hope you had a great weekend!


Cascia Talbert said…
That looks like a lot of fun!
Susan Demeter said…
Great photos and does look like a fun time :) Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. Have a super lovely day :)

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